4 Ways to Drive Engagement with UGC at In-Person Events

It’s Easy to Hit a Home Run with Your Post-Covid Event Content

After a year of restrictions, in-person events look set to roar back. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch the user-generated content that kept so many brands front-of-mind in 2020. After 12 months of proving its value, UGC is here to stay. Here are four ways it could drive engagement and strengthen your content strategy in a post-Covid world.

1. Recaps made easy

Cut the expensive film crew. With the cameras on smartphones getting better every year, film pros are just not necessary. All you need is a community of people happy to film themselves. You could even use incentives like free tickets to get people to provide footage. Think of the hype and authentic excitement your community will capture when it’s finally able to get back to live in-person events. With a tool like Cinebody, you can tap into the crowd to collect recap footage with ease.


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2. Action shots galore

In-person events aren’t just about conferences. Think of the competitions that are ready to surge back into action. If you’re running a competition, getting participants signed up to create UGC has two big benefits:

·  It can make validating each competitor’s effort ridiculously easy

·  It gives you a ton of event content – without the costs of a crew

That two-birds-one-UGC-stone approach is exactly what Anglers All did with its Mile High 25 – generating more than 620 clips. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” said Davis James, Media and Marketing Director at Anglers All.

3. Remove accessibility barriers

In the last 12 months, we’ve got used to being able to attend any event we want – all from the comfort of our own house. In-person events threaten to make things more difficult for those who can’t travel. But a proactive approach to UGC means global engagement is still well within your reach. Encourage attendees or designated influencers to film footage through Cinebody and you can quickly edit and share in-person perspectives – just like Macerich. It’s a great way to engage remote fans with real-time insights.


Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

4. Pre-event engagement

Don’t wait until your event to build a buzz. Content strategies that include pre-event UGC give you the chance to share attendee experiences from front to back. Even simple clips of attendees buying their tickets, packing, or traveling enhance the overall content coming from your event. And it’s awesome for either live release or to add extra depth to planned recaps.