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Cinebody Browser Capture

What it can do

  1. The following flow
    1. A user signs up and enters a code OR
      1. Gets access via deeplink
    2. The user is dropped into the project info/capture page
    3. The user taps a camera icon on any of the shots in the shot list OR 
      1. The user taps an info icon on any of the shots in the shot list AND 
      2. The user can see all shot info including example video, title, description, FPS, RES
      3. The user can click the "Film to Shot" button OR
      4. The user can click the "Upload to Shot" button
    4. The user can film one or many takes to a shot and return to the capture page by tapping the exit 'x' icon 
    5. During each filming session, the user sees a green upload toast indicating that footage has uploaded successfully 
  2. The exact same thing with a desktop/laptop
  3. Suggest filming orientation 
  4. Film the following durations, as of now
    1. The uploads start running into limitations around 30 mins 

What it can't do

  1. Drop users directly into a shot
  2. Walk users through a shot (future feature set after Photos) 
  3. Direct iOS users to the platform manually via shot link (will update during walkthrough) 

What we're updating (in order)

  1. Suggestion for filming via Chrome browser when filming in Firefox (bug)
  2. Camera lens switcher (forward/rear) not appearing on load (bug)
  3. Orientation helper intermittently showing up after checking "do not show this message again" (bug)
  4. Saving videos to device, as opposed to our current direct upload flow (enhancement)
  5. Some legacy Androids getting stuck at 30FPS (bug)

How to talk about this feature set to customers (put your own spin on it, fun!)

  1. "Cinebody now supports Android & Desktop capture! Any user can now capture footage directly to their phone or laptop. They simply click your projects smartlink and they'll be guided to Cinebody."
  2. "Now, your filmers can use any browser camera on any device (including desktop) to quickly film and upload their footage to your Cinebody project."