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🔌 Cinebody Google Drive Integration 🔌

Easily sync your files directly to Google Drive

Steps for Setting Up Your Integration 
  1. Account must be enabled with the integration in the Customer Service Hub
  2. Account Admin enables the integration on the Account Settings
  3. Account Admin can sync to individual Projects, an entire Team, or all Projects on all Teams in the Account. 
  4. When clips start syncing, users can click the info button next to the progress number to view the clips in Google Drive. 

Notes & Limitations:  

  1. Google Drive capability is enabled for Cinebody Pro & Enterprise accounts by default and may be upsold to Cinebody Plus & Plus Managed. 
    1. This individual configuration is possible in the Cinebody Customer Success Hub.
  2. Only one Google Drive can be synced per account. Separate teams/projects can not have different Drive's associated per each. 
    1. NOTE: This is not a limitation, just something we didn't build. If warranted, we can build this.
  3. In order to view the Google Drive folder where clips are synced, the user (obviously) must have permissions to view that Google Drive folder.  

Future thoughts:

  1. Once we have feedback, we can poll users to see which integration they want next.