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📸 Cinebody Photos 📸

Steps for adding a photo shot type to your project: 
  1. Create a new shot.
  2. Select "Photo" for shot type.
  3. Optionally, upload custom thumbnail.
  4. On a per-shot basis the user's camera will switch between photo or video capture (this also includes web).

Notes & Limitations:  

  1. Photo capability is enabled for Cinebody Pro & Enterprise accounts by default and may be upsold to Cinebody Plus & Plus Managed. 
    1. This individual configuration is possible in the Cinebody Customer Success hub seen here
  2. We support the following file types: JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, AVIF, TIFF and SVG.
  3. Users are able to manually upload photos both on web & app.
  4. Similar to the iPhone's photo library, photos in-app are marked by lack of `elapsed time` marker.
  5. Users are able to download photos as selects as well. Photos & videos can also be intermingled.
  6. We convert HEIC to JPG on-server. This is because HEIC is an Apple native file format and will not open easily on a Windows computer.
  7. Vertical photos are not supported on laptops, currently.
  8. Admins cannot adjust aspect ratio or resolution of photos. We default to the highest resolution the camera has. 
  9. Users can upload up to 50 photos at once. 

Future thoughts:

  1. Maybe a better way to indicate photos in clip grid view?  
  2. Does it feel weird that you can't click photos full screen on grid view? Is that a normal behavior?