How To Create Authentic Training Videos with Your Existing Team

Empower Your Workforce

Whether your company is global, national, or a young and blossoming start-up, training videos are an essential tool for bringing your employees up-to-speed on the key procedures involved in their work. For starters, there are at least 20 advantages of using video for employee training – and we know there are plenty more!

But the costs of hiring an external video production company can easily mount up. As well as the financial aspect, there’s also the time spent searching for your chosen vendor, the planning and preparation needed to brief them accurately on what’s required, and the hours they will need to invest simply learning how your products or processes work.

Instead, why not use the people who actually know your stuff inside out? Calling on your workforce to demonstrate and film training videos isn’t as daft as it sounds. It taps into your employees’ creativity, which is hugely empowering for your internal culture. And the results bring a superb air of authenticity to the videos that will keep future viewers engaged all the way to the end.




Here’s how it works:

1. Find some willing employees and empower them to get creative with nothing more than a simple iPhone (it’s now hard to tell the difference between iPhone and ‘professional’ footage and there’s plenty of low-cost gear to add an extra touch of quality to your efforts).

2. Turn your ‘step-by-step’ instructions into a shot list that’s easy to follow, just like LKQ Corporation did. Then go to town with the Cinebody app. It will upload all your clips automatically to the cloud and organize them by project and shot, making it easy to produce and edit the final video. You can also standardize orientation and camera settings within Cinebody to make sure all your clips look the same.

3. Piece your footage together, using the original instructions and shot list as a simple editing guide, and release the kind of training video we’ve already seen benefit organizations as diverse as hospitals, manufacturers and power companies.

Training videos are fast becoming the essential way to educate both new and existing employees. Made once, they can be leveraged time and time again – eliminating the need for costly training courses with each new hire. And with user-generated content, it’s possible to completely reimagine training videos – while still delivering great experiences for all your future hires!