How do I use the Legal Integration Feature?

The Cinebody Legal Integration enables the ability to upload custom terms and legal releases that end users must sign in order to film. Here's the gist.

The Basics

In a project's settings, an admin can upload their release and liability terms (via PDF) on a project by project basis. You can customize your terms by dragging and dropping signature fields in the document.

After the upload, the user will have to fully finish signing in order to participate in the project. They can sign via the web or iOS.

The "view and download signatures" button allows for any admin to view completed and pending releases per project and download all completed releases in one go! 

How to upload a legal document & set your signature areas - for admins

The Cinebody Legal Integration enables the ability to upload legal releases and customize them using text fields. Here's how to do it.

  1. Log in as an admin
  2. Go into the project you want to use Legal for
  3. Go into the project's settings
  4. Scroll all the way down to "Custom Terms"
    1. Click on "Upload your custom terms here"
    2. Select the PDF you want to upload
  5. Using the signature, auto-fill, and standard fields, place the fields over the areas you want your user to fill out
    1. Click "Continue"
  6. Now that your terms have been uploaded, check out the "View and Download Signatures" button to see which user forms are pending and which are ready to download
  7. Download the completed forms in one zip file

How to view completed release forms and download them - for admins

After uploading your terms, you can view and download completed release forms in one zip file. Here's how you do it.

  1. Upload your terms 
    1. See here on how to upload your terms
  2. After the upload, click on "View and Download Signatures" button
  3. From there, you can see which users are pending to sign your release and which users have completed their forms
  4. To download all completed forms, click on "Zip All"

How to sign a legal document in a project - for end users

In order to participate in a project that has integrated Cinebody Legal, the user needs to sign and complete the uploaded release form. Here's how to do it.

  1. Sign into Cinebody
  2. Put in the project code or use the project's smart link
  3. A screen will pop up that says, "Terms & Conditions"
    1. Click on "View Terms"
  4. Click on the text fields that require your information
  5. Fill in your information
  6. Once all fields have been filled out, a green text box will appear on the top of the screen that says, "Required fields are done. Tap 'Continue'."
    1. Click "Continue"
    2. Click "I agree"
  7. After you agree to the terms, your form will automatically submit and you can start participating!

Who Can Use Cinebody Legal?

Any admin who has paid for the Legal Integration can use Cinebody Legal!


  1. A Super Admin can enable and disable integration per account
  2. An Admin can sign custom terms, view and download completed and pending releases, and upload/edit/delete/enable/disable custom terms
  3. Users can only sign custom terms