How to Operate Your Video Village from Anywhere on Earth

Have You Discovered the Potential of Video Village 2.0?

What’s better than a traditional video village? They’ve been a staple of on-set shoots for decades, enabling stakeholders to monitor what’s being captured and tick off everything they need. But could they work better? With a bit of ingenuity and today’s latest video production tools, the answer is yes – 100%.

We’ve already seen Cinebody used as a virtual video village bringing together user-generated content at events, conferences and other live situations. Automatic uploads allow remote directors and editors to monitor footage as it is generated, as well as send direction back to the filmers while producing the final video at super-quick speeds.

But now the idea is really picking up traction – especially after the COVID-19 lockdown, when production crews (including directors, clients and agency members) were unable to attend any type of content creation.

To make the leap, first imagine a traditional on-set shoot. A single monitor known as the video village grabs the attention of all the big decision makers (expect to find the director, producer and a host of others angling for a decent vantage point). But it also means everyone has to be in the same place.




Now imagine a virtual video village – or Video Village 2.0 – with Cinebody, which frees your director to operate wherever and whenever they want. And imagine the speed at which directors, agencies and clients can monitor footage, select their top takes and stitch it together with the widespread rollout of 5G.

There are no geographic restrictions, so it’s ideal if anyone in your production is still hesitant to travel. A director in Denver can review in real-time footage from Delhi, Dubai… or just a couple of blocks away downtown.

They can remotely create and distribute a shot list that automatically sets filmers’ camera settings, including FPS and RES, making sure they’ve got every shot they need in the format they need it. And if tweaks are necessary, push notifications can be used to provide extra direction to individual filmers or even the talent themselves.

Finally, the continuous advance of iPhone camera quality means there’s no need to worry about the gear behind the shot.

All of which takes mobile video production from a futuristic idea to a highly executable strategic method for managing your shoots from start to finish. And thanks to Cinebody, Video Village 2.0 is at its center.

Say goodbye to expensive sets and to too many people clamoring over a single monitor – and say hello to the future of video production.