Photo Capture

As a filmer, you can now capture and upload your photos to any project with your Android or mobile browser. Just follow these steps:



Taking Photos in the Shot List

  1. After entering your project-specific code, you'll land on the main filming page
  2. Scroll down to where the shot list is, find the 'photo' option and tap the camera icon to the right.
  3. A message will appear asking you to either film horizontally or in portrait. Check that your phone's orientation lock is disabled.
  4. When the orientation is set, click the gray button to snap a photo! You can snap photos one after another - just stay on the same screen and click the button again.
  5. When finished, tap the 'x' button to exit out of the camera.
  6. Navigate to the clips tab at the top of the project and see the photos you just captured appear! You may see a notification informing you that the photo is processing, so check back momentarily to make sure they were uploaded successfully. 

*Note: Photos can only be taken and uploaded to "photo-specific" shots or the "free shoot" option.

Uploading Photos From Your Camera Roll

  1. At the top of the clips section you'll see an upload button. Tapping this button allows you to upload photos directly from your phone's camera roll. 
  2. Tap on the photo shot under 'Select a Shot', then tap 'Click or Drag & Drop to Upload.' This will allow you to open your phone's camera roll.
  3. Select the photos you'd like to upload, then hit 'done.' Keep in mind that you can upload up to 50 photos at once.
  4. And that is how you capture and upload photos using the mobile browser!

We support the following file types: JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, AVIF, TIFF and SVG

*Note: This feature is enabled for Pro accounts only.*