How to Use the Browser Camera for Android

Filmers are now able to film to a project directly using the Browser Camera through their Android. Here's how:


Film to Project

  1. Once in the project, you'll want to navigate to either the shot list or camera tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Scroll down to the specific shot you are filming to.
  3. To view the shot description, click the "i" button on the far right. 
  4. Below the shot description, click the "film to shot" button.
  5. Click "Allow" when prompted to give access to your phone's microphone and camera.
  6. Click "Continue" when project orientation message appears.
    1. If it is a horizontal project, make sure to disable orientation lock. Here's how.
  7. Hit record and begin filming!
  8. To film to a different shot, click the "X" at the top right corner and begin process from Step 1. Feel free to record as many takes as needed.

Camera Button

  1. Click the camera icon next to the specific shot you are filming to. 
  2. Follow Steps 4-7 above.

Once you finish recording, the clip will automatically upload to the project. A green pop up that says “upload successful” will indicate that the clip was uploaded to the project. To upload footage from your device, click here.


*Note that when filming on the browser camera, the clips will not save on your device but only to the project.*