How to Use Video for Better Internal Communication

Visually Speaking

As the old saying goes, communication is key. That’s especially true when you’re trying to run a successful organization. The quality of internal communication can mean the difference between everyone being on the same page when it comes to company matters, and being more disconnected than your router room after a visit from The Tasmanian Devil.

So what’s one of the best ways to keep everyone informed and engaged? Top-notch internal video. An effective video production strategy incorporating easy-to-use smartphone tools like Cinebody can go a long way toward simplifying the delivery of information, building effective recruitment materials and creatively strengthening overall company culture.

The following are just a few of the ways you can put video to work for you.

Liven Up Text-Heavy Emails

Sometimes, too many words can put people to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. In a recent Forbes article, the author explains “The average attention span of a millennial is 12 seconds, while a Gen Z worker is approximately eight seconds. This means employers need to be to be cognizant of text-heavy emails and focus on how to convey information that’s concise, informative and sensitive.”

So instead of emailing out a never-ending newsletter to your company…NEWSFLASH…you can now make it more of a newscast delivered by your team. Mobile video production applications make it easy to get soundbites from your employees regardless of their location and edit them all together into something that will drive more engagement.

Unify Through Employee Spotlights

The Wall Street Journal estimates 36.2% of Americans work for either large companies (2,500-9,999 employees), or very large (10,000+ employees) companies. That means employees within these super-sized organizations often know very little about other employees, especially those outside their department. This can lead to a disconnect that weakens your workplace ecosphere and never allows it to fully thrive.

A great way to avoid this epic-fail is internal video executions that shed light on different areas within your workforce. Take the iProspect OURDAY series, for example. iProspect created a collection of day-in-the-life videos for an array of employees that drove incredible engagement internally and externally. These videos not only showcased folks within the company, they created a warm personality that became a big part of the brand.



Blue Prism is another example. This Robotic Process Automation company operates in a male-dominated industry, so they wanted to honor the women they employ who are integral to the organization’s success. That led to their Women in RPA series. Simple software allowed these women with zero video production experience to almost effortlessly follow a pre-approved shot list with directions on how and what to film. Everything from their morning commute to their Monday meeting. Anything other employees or people in their industry would find interesting.  

Recap Company Events

Employees can’t be everywhere at all times. Especially in large corporations with workers spread across different offices or cities. So when it comes to company picnics and industry events, why not let your people be there without actually having to be there? This is definitely possible through the power of video.

Take Macerich, for instance. This leader in commercial real estate and retail property management holds many extravagant events at their properties every year. Since it’s unrealistic for their entire company to be present at all of these, they create amazing recap videos to share all the fun with everyone nationwide. Like this video for their Chinese Lunar New Year event.


Celebrating LUNAR New Year

Create Compelling Recruitment Content

It’s important to have content that caters to your current employee base and keeps them happy. But company growth depends on capturing the attention of prospective clients and future employees. Apps like Cinebody can make your current employees the star by putting them behind and in front of the camera in your very own recruitment campaign. Digitizing their day-to-day life within the company will give outsiders real insight into what it means to work for you and why doing so would be a great move.

A great example of this is Axon Industries. This leader in development for public safety, law enforcement and emergency service technology, leveraged the excitement of worldwide offices to create stellar recruitment videos for their outposts from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Scottsdale, Arizona and beyond.



Again, mobile software gave Axon the ability to easily direct employees on what type of footage to submit via the shot list to ensure everything was conceptually cohesive, brand-relevant and effective in terms of the #1 goal – attracting new employees.

The initiative was a huge, international success. The videos generated enormous engagement with online recruitment materials and led to dozens upon dozens of new and excited employees, despite the many challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Upgrade Existing Framework

Even if you have a set internal communication video strategy, tools like Cinebody can help you fine-tune the overall picture. These apps can be easily integrated into your current workflows and reinforce pertinent info with engaging visual content. Whatever your best-hired minds can conceive, video can achieve.