How To View & Download A Final Video That Was Posted To The Project On Android

When a project is finished up, the project manager(s) may opt to upload a final cut to the project for you to view and download. Watch the video below to see where you can find this video.

 Step-By-Step Instructions 

  1. While in the project, navigate to the videos page by clicking the grey 'play button' at the top-right of the page. It will be the right-most option. 
  2. If a final cut has been posted, it will appear here for you to view in full resolution. 
  3. If desired, you can download this clip to your device by clicking the white, downward-facing 'arrow' icon at the top-right of the video's thumbnail. 
  4. Now that you have a copy of the final cut in your hands, you can share it across your own social media channels.