Internal Communications Strategies: Cinebody’s Top 5!

Crowdsourcing Tools Are Building New Levels of Engagement

By now, we all know the value of effective internal comms – especially when video production is involved. There’s even tangible profit in it: companies with highly effective communication have had 47% higher total shareholder returns than those without.

And what’s super exciting is that internal comms built on video are now easier than ever, especially with tools like Cinebody on hand. With just a little bit of thought, and some creative video production tactics, everyone in your network can get involved.

Here are five awesome examples of companies we’ve seen leverage Cinebody to execute phenomenal internal communication strategies!

1. LKQ Corporation

LKQ was right on the money, using nothing more than iPhone cameras to create a series of compelling and authentic training videos from its internal team. This approach was both affordable and quick – and it put the experts front and center of the entire operation. Together they drew up some step-by-step instructions for the information they wanted to convey. Then they turned those instructions into a shot list and hit record. Simple… but hugely effective!




2. Ball Corporation

How do you bring together almost 18,000 employees in more than 100 different countries? That was the challenge faced by Ball Corporation ahead of a major leadership conference. The answer? Getting its worldwide team to work on a shared Cinebody project, filming and submitting clips about their favorite products from all over the world. At a stroke it eliminated geographical barriers and gave everyone a common objective. “Getting everyone to work on the same project, using the same tool on their smartphones no matter where they were in the world, was a brilliant solution,” said Mary Frash, marketing manager at Ball Corporation.

3. iProspect

Company culture? Check. Employee engagement? Check. Recruitment? Check. When it comes to using creative video production for internal communications strategies, few companies are rocking it quite like iProspect. By leaning on its employees as the filmers and stars of a series of ‘Day in the Life’ videos in its OURDAY campaign, iProspect got potential recruits around the world fired up with excitement.



4. Bristol-Myers Squibb

Every year, staff at Bristol-Myers Squibb complete a Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer bike ride. Employees train for months before splitting into teams that complete three-day stretches during the ride. And by using Cinebody to pull back the curtain on this internal team initiative, they provide a unique insight into what really goes into it – the training, the pain, and the elation of the finish line in this grueling fundraising challenge in the battle against cancer.



5. Macerich

Macerich teams across the U.S. have been busy capturing content around specific holidays. This allows the company to show how each of its properties generates interest and engagement with customers and visitors, with the final films being used for internal training and engagement purposes. Macerich has already completed videos for Christmas, Chinese New Year and Earth Day – with plenty more to come!