Why Am I Or My Filmers Being Kicked Out Of A Project?

If you or your filmers are unable to access a project, its camera/upload button, or have been abruptly kicked out of it, the project's end date has likely passed. Continue reading to learn more.

All Cinebody projects are assigned a start and end date upon creation. These dates determine the project's activation window or the period of time in which filmers can join a project and/or submit their clips to it.

Once the end date passes, the project will become 'completed' and filmers using the app will either be unable to join the project, kicked out it, unable to find it, or the green 'camera' icon on the project page will become greyed out and inaccessible to them. Similarly, non-iOS filmers using the mobile or desktop browser will no longer see the blue 'Upload' button. 

If this is a mistake, the project can always be reactivated by an admin on the account.

If you are a filmer: Reach out to the project admin (likely the person that onboarded you) and ask them to reactivate the project, if possible. If/when they do, you will automatically be allowed to continue filming and uploading clips. If the problem persists, restart the app, refresh the page, or contact support@cinebody.com.

If you are an admin: 

1. Go to the project's settings on the desktop platform.

2. Scroll down until you find the "Project Dates" section.

3. Adjust the project's end date to occur at a future date and time. 

4. You must click "Save Dates" after making these adjustments for the project to properly reactivate. Once you do, filmers will automatically be allowed back into the project.  

Admin Pro Tip: Consider adding a day or two of padding to a project's activation window to give filmers an opportunity to upload last-minute footage they may have taken late or externally. This will prevent you from having to reactivate a project if a filmer is a little late to the party.