Motivating Your Workforce Through Diversity and Inclusion Videos

A No-Brainer for Internal Communications

Diversity and inclusion. Two words that have become incredibly powerful in corporate America and the world. These days, if your company isn’t directly advocating for a workforce that embraces diversity and inclusion, it’s going to have major PR and recruitment issues. And so, when you go all out to hire the best people from all walks of life, you need to showcase it. Not only is it an incredible way to recruit new employees, but it also makes your current employees feel proud of the environment they’re in. 

Blue Prism is a company that has definitely seized upon the advantages of a diverse workforce, and to highlight it they created a series of videos (actually, it’s still ongoing) that showcases a day in the life of one of their many talented female employees. Called WeAreWIRPA (Women In Robotic Process Automation), the video series was created using the User-Generated Content (UGC) tool Cinebody, and it has become a tremendous success, and case study, for internal communications. 

Putting women in the spotlight, and behind the camera. 

The strategy of using Cinebody for the video series was a natural fit, as Amanda Klinger, Customer Experience at Blue Prism, can attest to. 




“We wanted to showcase the many exceptional women we have here at Blue Prism, but we didn't want these videos to be stiff, corporate, or scripted,” said Klinger. “We really needed the personalities of these wonderful employees to shine through.”

It was a plan of action shared by Xina Seaton, VP Customer Experience at Blue Prism, and co-founder/executive sponsor of the WIRPA program. 

“By putting the camera in the hands of these trailblazing women, and letting them film their routine in their own way, we got genuine footage and real stories,” said Seaton. “And those authentic slices of life have been a huge hit across our company.”

Onboarding with Cinebody is easy; it’s just a link, a download to a phone, and filming the footage can begin. And even though this content is being captured by your employees, you can direct remotely from wherever you are in the world, request different shots, and see the footage come rolling in in real time. 

With the software in place, the women chosen to tell their stories could start filming in their own time, at their own pace. And with the direction simply being “tell us what it’s like to be a woman in the tech world, and what challenges you have to overcome,” the content could be whatever they wanted to film that got their story across. 

Stories as different as the women who told them.

That’s what the WeAreWIRPA program really wanted to capture, and that’s just what they got. Whether it’s starting the day at 4:16am before jetting off to an event, working from home after a strong cup of joe (or an English cuppa), being a master of the grill, or even partaking in competitive sailing, the women of Blue Prism are giving it their all in every aspect of their lives, and are proud to be a part of the tech industry. And that really comes across. 



But what’s even more important is the influence these videos have on the current workforce, and potential new employees. Recruitment is tough, and you want to let your future stars know that they’re coming to a company culture that fully supports diversity and inclusion. And when the employees themselves are happily telling their stories, that makes a huge difference. Authenticity matters. Blue Prism also did a whole series called “Our Stories” which also featured diverse individuals, and that strengthens their position even more.

If you want to highlight your company’s diverse workforce in an authentic way, without the need for expensive film crews and location shoots, utilizing Cinebody is the best internal communications strategy in your arsenal. And with it, you can let your employees and the world know you’re setting the example.