The Crazy Effective Way DPR Construction Built a Buzz Around Video Crowdsourcing

How to Secure Great Community Buy-in for Crowdsourced Video Production

Hitting the heights with video crowdsourcing relies on getting your community pumped to participate. So when technical building giant DPR Construction wanted to extend its ability to tell great stories visually, it knew it had to work hard to educate and excite its wider team of employees.

Laying strong foundations is always key when you integrate Cinebody into your video production workflow. So, led by Jennifer Giralo and Mindy Hetman, DPR created an awesome video introducing everyone in the organization to their new software.


The video proved a huge hit, priming DPR colleagues to answer filming requests and helping them to understand the software at the heart of this new content creation process. But why does it work so well?

  • It’s authentic, with each viewer seeing their coworkers featured in the video.

  • It’s easy to understand, with the benefits of Cinebody clearly explained while simultaneously easing any nerves new participants might have about filming.

  • It’s educational, giving users the perfect insight into the new software and getting them excited about what they could create.

“Our community is full of amazing stories,” Hetman said. “We needed to be able to capture more of them while, at the same time, overcoming the barrier of not being able to send a crew out in the pandemic. The trick was to find a way to get people to open up and share their best material. We had to onboard people into this new process in a way that was both exciting and authentic because we know that ultimately, the more excited they are, the better the outcome will be.

“So far, we’ve been thrilled by the response to the video -- and the way Cinebody is helping capture content.”

Just like Specialized -- another brand using crowdsourced video production to fantastic effect -- DPR Construction has found a great strategy for its business video solutions. And it’s so easy to replicate, whether you’re a large multinational or an energetic start-up. You can either educate and excite like DPR, or use fun alternatives like trivia quizzes. The crucial thing is to start creating and get your team hyped about the possibilities. Good luck!