The New “Behind The Scenes” Video Production Strategy Making Waves

No More BTS Crew

Who doesn’t love some great behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage? From the days of movie and TV show specials, to DVD and Blu-Ray extras, BTS content has always been craved by fans and consumers. 

Now, with the advent of YouTube and social media channels (Instagram stories is huge for this), BTS footage is more in demand than ever before. It’s a great way to expand your story, connect with an audience craving content, and deliver additional video that keeps your brand top of mind. 

The current problem with BTS content

The traditional mindset on BTS content is to hire a crew solely for the purpose of running around during your regular production to capture it.




Not just any crew though. An expensive crew with day rates, equipment rental fees, overtime charges, and a whole bunch of other fees that add up to one heck of an expense. 

And that footage is often hamstrung by the fact that it’s not only too polished, but it’s not capturing the heart and soul of the action. BTS crews often can’t go where they need to go, especially if you’re looking into content from a fan perspective. It’s why a lot of that footage never sees the light of day. 

There needs to be a paradigm shift in BTS video production. A new way at capturing that essential content without the limitations and expense of the industry-standard BTS crew. 

Solution: Ditch the crew and embrace user-directed content 

Why pay for an expensive crew to capture BTS footage when you can tap into a PA or a few key people already on your shoot to get that essential footage?

With just an iPhone, or other smartphone, and an app like Cinebody, you can get hours of incredible BTS footage at a fraction of the cost. And as the camera is in the hands of trusted people with more access, you can get that “down in the trenches” video that really captures the essence of your production. 




These are people who can get those up-close-and-personal shots of talent, props, and locations. They can also get the intel from other crew members who know way more about the production than a regular BTS crew would ever know. 

The footage is professional without being polished and inauthentic. It’s organized by a shot list, and auto-uploads for real-time review...and even editing. If you need something you’re not seeing, just send that request back through the app and your team can capture it. 

It’s the kind of streamlined, no-nonsense, quick-turn solution that can have a massive impact on the bottom line of your video production budget. And with this method, you’ll capture hours and hours of footage without worrying about the extra costs...because there aren’t any. 

It’s not only a no-brainer, it’s a “why didn’t I know about this sooner?” solution. And the sooner you implement it, the sooner you’ll rack up the savings and the authentic content.