The Top 5 Ways Cinebody Was Used for Live Events

Need a strategy for your live event video?

Since our inception, we’ve seen companies around the world embrace Cinebody and the idea that the future of branding is user-generated content (UGC).

As a unique crowdsourcing tool, we’ve seen brands leverage the software to empower their community and encourage their attendees to get involved in the content creation process, ensuring that their events live on digitally for years to come.

From music to conferences (and even influencer-based activations), our clients have leveraged Cinebody as their video production tool for showcasing their events. And, we’re pleased to present our top five favorite applications:


1. Slash 2019 Global Tour

Slash asked his fans to share their stories and perspectives at each stop throughout his eight-month global tour. Through posts on his social channels and Facebook event pages, he encouraged fans to download the app, join the project, and film themselves heading to the show & rocking out in the crowd. After each gig, the clips soon flooded in – making it easy to create a recap video from each leg of his tour, including these from AsiaEuropeLatin America and North America.


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2. Macerich’s Style of Scottsdale

Macerich is no stranger to the power of influencers, especially when it comes to promoting its fashion shows at Scottsdale Fashion Square. But for the Style of Scottsdale event, it wanted to reach a new level – and used Cinebody to maximize its social returns. The Macerich marketing team organized 14 influencers to attend the event and film clips through the app. The results had everyone pumped, as the influencers had content for their own channels, and Macerich had hassle-free access to every second of raw footage that they captured, giving them a massive library of footage to create recap videos for its own social accounts. It was a perfect example of a crowdsourcing tool hitting the mark!


MGM RISEup Plexus
footage of the event

3. Plexus Worldwide’s Rise Up Convention

At its annual gathering, Plexus Worldwide wanted to see the event from a different perspective. So it empowered its community to film all aspects of the conference, including as many people as possible – and enthusiasm shot through the roof! When all the footage was in, Plexus then made another smart decision: in its recap video, it deliberately included as many filmers as possible, making them feel valued and banking a ton of excitement for their next filming opportunity.

4. The Mile High 25 by Anglers All

At The Mile High 25, Anglers All annual two-day fishing event, Cinebody had a double use. First, competing teams filmed their catches as proof for the competition points scoring system. But with verification boxed, the clips also developed another life as content for social promotions and recap videos. Davis James, Media and Marketing Director for Anglers All, is already excited about using the clips ahead of next year’s event. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Davis. “The clips were flying in… we didn’t even have to hire a camera crew!”


5. iProspect’s Global Leadership Summit

iProspect took conference video strategies to a whole new level at Collective Intent, its Global Leadership Summit in Amsterdam. It nominated two individuals as event reporters, giving them the responsibility to capture as much as they could over three action-packed days. Their efforts, combined with a remote editing team operating in the United States, meant recap videos were distributed each day just hours after the event had closed down. iProspect broke new ground with this approach, making content for its events so much cooler than bland corporate videos. We’re sure others will follow its lead in 2020!