Chat Function vs Notifications

What is the difference between sending a notification and a chat? While both function as ways to communicate to your team, there are a few fundamental differences between the two.

Chat Function

Whereas sending a push notification provides an admin with only one-way communication, chat now allows for two-way communication between the admin and the filmer(s). The Cinebody chat feature allows admins to select a specific filmer or multiple filmers to communicate with and allows filmers to respond directly to those messages. Admins can send links and share files and photos through chat. While notifications are sent to the entire project team, chats are selected by admins and messages cannot be scheduled. 

How do I use the Cinebody Chat Feature?


An admin has the ability to send notifications to their team. Push notifications are sent out to all filmers and admins on the project at the same time. This form of communication is one-way and filmers cannot respond to notifications, however, messages can be scheduled in advance. You can use this tool to send out reminders of an upcoming deadline or encourage more participation. 

How to Send Push Notifications to all Filmers on Your Team