How do I use the Cinebody Chat Feature?

Cinebody chat allows admins to direct their filmers more thoroughly. Here are the details of how you can use it.

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The Basics and Permissions 

The Cinebody chat feature allows admins to chat directly with filmers, share files & photos, and prompt filmers to join new projects. They can also send links to specific shots to direct their filmers on what to capture next. 

Whereas sending a push notification provided an admin with only one-way communication, chat now allows for two-way communication between the admin and the filmer(s). Ensuring that specific feedback or filming direction are received.

Chat Function vs Notifications

Any admin can initiate a chat with anyone on their team. If you're an admin of many teams, simply click "Create a Chat", select the applicable team, and then select the filmers that you want to chat with. 


Sharing Features Within the Chat

- Share a project: You can share a project's smart link to user within a chat. When the receiving user clicks on the link, they will be directed to the project and will immediately join it. This is a great method for onboarding filmers from your previous Cinebody projects to your new project.

- Share photos & files: You can send specific photos and files with your filmers via Chat, and they can send the same back to you. Chat supports all types of file attachments (up to 20MB). Click the attachment icon or drag and drop files directly into the chat window.

***Please note: We scan for malicious filetypes and do not allow any files that may include scripts.

How to Download Files Sent in Chat

Want a quicker way to share files with your team? Chat away!

Can Filmers Create a Chat?

No, filmers cannot create a chat within the app or the platform. They can only respond within a chat that they are a part of.

How to use the chat feature as a filmer


How to Create a Chat

Two-way communication is available through Chat, and we're going to show you how with the app an desktop platform.


Can’t Create a Chat?

Are you an admin and you can't create a chat? If so, it is most likely that your chat permission settings are blocked due to your organization's security requirements. Please contact and we can can look into your account to confirm & update settings accordingly.