How to Create a Chat in the App + Mobile Browser (for admins only)

Two-way communication is available through Chat, and we're going to show you how.

The Ins and Outs of Chat

Chat allows for two-way communication between the admin and the filmer(s), ensuring that specific feedback or filming direction are received.


Who Can Create a Chat?

Only admins can create a chat. Admins can chat with an individual filmer, a selected group, or the full team and receive a message back. To send a message through Chat, take a look at the following steps:


Sending a Chat 

Step 1

Log into Cinebody using your admin email.

Step 2

If you’re on the app or mobile browser, click on the “create a chat” icon "create a chat" icon.

If you’re on the desktop browser, click here.

Step 3

Click on the team you’d like to chat with.

Step 4

Choose which filmers in that team you’d like to chat with by selecting their names.

Step 5

Type the message and click send!


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