How To View & Navigate The Shot List On An Android

Now that you're in the project on the mobile browser, you'll need to view the shot list so you can see what shots you're being asked to film. Watch the video below to see how it's done.


Step-By-Step Instructions 

  1. While in the project, tap the shot list tab identified by a grey 'list' icon at the top-right of the page. It will be the middle option. 
  2. Once you tap that, you'll be navigated to the project's shot list page. This page houses all of the shot's that you are being asked to film. To view more information about a particular shot, click the blue 'i' to the right of the shot. 
  3. Now, you are able to view the shot's description, the desired specifications for that clip (resolution and FPS), and an example video. Make sure to read information for all shots so you know what you're supposed to film and how to film it. 
  4. Go to your device's native camera and film away. Be sure that you're filming at the correct specs and orientation. If you forget what you're supposed to be filming, head back to the shot list and refresh yourself. 

To see how you can upload your footage, click here.